FinLit Boost provides unlimited, step-by-step coaching from certified counselors navigating you through credit building, student loan relief, home buying assistance, and longterm savings.

FinLit Boost is what you get when you merge credit restoration and financial literacy inside a Self-Paced Personal Finance Portal

Who We Help

Boost Through The Financial Stratosphere

Young adults who genuinely wish to improve their financial situation but

Lack a positive credit building history, who consistently receive credit denials, and always seem to have their credit score stuck in the 500-600 range. If by chance they are approved for a credit/loan, they attract high interest rates which makes things worse.

Why FinLit Boost Works

Certified Coaches



HUD-certified housing counselors, certified credit coaches and financial experts provide coaching that helps people develop budgets, set realistic and achievable goals.


Personal Finance Sessions

Dedicated coaches and counselors are on stand-by for you when you need them. By joining FinLit Boost, you'll be able to capitalize on the unlimited help you receive along your personal journey.

Easy to Navigate Financial Literacy Portal

Like to learn and study things for yourself?

No big deal, our expansive library of resources are at your fingertips!

FinLit Boost Helps You

Resolve Financial Stress

FinLit Boost incorporates the latest consumer protection regulations and centralizes your financial information in a secure, transparent and consumer-friendly platform. If you’re looking to get out of debt faster and ensure your money is working for you, FinLit Boost is the personal finance portal you need to turn to!

Hold Hands with Experts

FinLit Boost empowers you with a personalized action plan to boost your money IQ through hands-on coaching, practical tools and immediate results. Our team of certified credit counselors and HUD-certified housing counselors helps you face financial challenges head on, providing the ltactics that gets results.

Automatic, Positive Credit Reporting to credit bureaus

Get access to a 'Million Dollars Worth of Game', literally, while you build up your FICO credit score. Select a monthly subscription rate that fits your comfortably, make your payments on-time, and watch how quickly your credit profile improves. By doing this you will become a prime candidate for banks to lend money for homes, cars, and even businesses.

Key Areas of Focus

Credit Building

Credit can be a beneficial tool to achieve major life goals, but the debt it generates is often a leading source of difficulty. FinLit Boost helps users achieve good credit, use credit cards wisely, and manage debt strategically with a close eye on interest rates.

Student Loans

The value of a college education is immeasurable; however, student loan debt can cripple students and parents alike. FinLit Boost helps families and continuing education seekers to find solutions to minimize and manage student loans.

Home Buying

Most people don’t know where to turn when they have questions. Only FinLit Boost offers an easy way to connect with HUD-certified housing counselors as part of our financial wellness program.

Structured Retirement Planning

Most Americans are behind on retirement savings. FinLit Boost helps users plan for retirement by teaching financial planning techniques, introducing investing, and helping them understand the products, like 401k and IRS plans.


Good money management skills are essential. FinLit Boost helps users learn how to build and maintain an effective budget, save money, and manage their bank accounts. Fostering these key personal financial skills helps users establish a strong foundation.

How FinLit Boost Works

Select A Subscription

12-18-or 24 months

You pick out a FinLit Boost financial literacy plan from the above options, This method of installment credit will help build your score long-term. And add some credit diversity to your credit file.


Select the monthly payments for the installment loan that work for you, make payments on-time, and enjoy the financial literacy & credit boost.

Use Resources & Coaches to Boost Financial Literacy

One-on-one coaching allows an individual to consult with an expert in a safe, judgment-free zone. This is ideal for overcoming financial challenges, as well as customizing action plans to achieve key life goals.

FinLit Boost connects you with certified financial coaches, credit counselors, and HUD-certified housing counselors.

Execute Effectively

Start where you are. Prioritize your customized financial plan based on what's most important to you. If your needing to get approved for a large loan(home/auto/business) start getting structured help to improve your credit history.

Already have a good credit score but needing to save, budget, or invest more, start there to multiply your resources and secure your future.

Client Results

Here are a compilation of real life examples of what FinLit Boost has been able to do for people just like you.

  • From 580 to 654 credit score in less than 60 days.

  • From the government garnishing wages(15%) due to delinquent student loans to becoming debt free prior to purchasing their 1st home!

  • From losing money paying 'credit repair specialist' while gain no increase in score, to a new financial start, with more than 3x the amount of their previous credit limits and a 30% credit score increase since joining FinLit Boost.

We Create A Plan That Profits

FinLit Boost is here for the underserved, uninformed, community of people who wish to be the change in their family's financial future. Many young adults suffer just beyond poverty, not because they lack money, but they lack the structure and strategies it takes to really propel themselves into a better space financially.

Select FinLit Boost be the catalyst you use to change the trajectory of your family's financial future.

Client Success Stories

Their stories. Their way.


How will FinLit Boost help me?

To be considered healthy, each person should have 5 good standing credit accounts within their credit profile. You need at least 2 revolving accounts (credit cards) and 3 installment accounts (loans) reporting to your credit profile. FinLit Boost will serve as an active installment account.

What are other benefits?

In addition to diversifying your credit profile and boosting your overall score, FinLit Boost is what you may use to increase all the other areas of your finances. Receive unlimited coaching with experts that will help you secure your 1st (or 3rd) home in your name. Easily access all of those things "they should've taught us in school" within the online portal.

Can I cancel my membership?

Of course, it's not like we're the mafia. FinLit Boost provides services like all good-standing financial institutions, understanding that customers' lives changes. With that being said, if any good-standing installment loan is cancelled, the remaining balance is still due in full.

What credit score do I need for FinLit Boost?

No minimum score requirements, all credit scores are accepted. FinLit Boost is ideal for those who have little to no, or bad, credit history. So if you're in the sub 4, 5, or 600 hundred credit range, feel confident about FinLit Boost being your rocket to a better financial position.

Don't go at it alone!

Until you decide to join FinLit Boost for yourself, feel free to take advantage of the money tips, credit hacks, and personal finance tools proven to get results. Joining our online community will keep you current on the best practices to transform your personal finances.

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